About Culture Candy

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is CultureCandy?" It's a good question and we're flattered you're thinking of us. The answer depends on what you want us to be. To some we are an online calendar that lists all the cultural happenings in and around Baton Rouge. To others we are those people who host a handful of clever art programs. Some see us a connector between artists, venues, organizations and the general community in Baton Rouge. We're an economical promotional tool, we're no-cost creative consultants, a receptor of global zeitgeist and champions of the local joie de vivre. Any way you look at CultureCandy you will always see innovative ways to communicate, engage and enliven culture in Louisiana's capital city.

Now when we do all these things we ask ourselves, "Who exactly are you?" (so the interest is mutual) and call on our neighbors, known and unknown, to make sure we're keeping it legit. You can volunteer, present us with a project, contribute to existing programs, write for our publication, become an intern, use us for a class assignment or just send us a low impact email.

The people behind the CultureCandy curtain:


  • Rodneya Hart
  • Michael Loveless
  • Sarah Kracke
  • Erin Rolfs
  • Rebecca Kreisler
  • Heather Sewell Day


  • Web Administrator/Programmer, Dave Carner
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