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Christopher Albright


Music programmer from an alien dimension. Beams down from the Mothership, weekly, to host & produce a 2 hour relaxing & contemplative music programme, "The Clearing", on WHYR-LP, Baton Rouge Community Radio. This show airs at: 10:00pm -12:00 Mid CST, every Saturday night. Just find the path thru the Enchanted Forest, turn right at the Tree of Knowledge & look for the old Wooden Gate in the Stone Wall. Push past the gate & you're in "The Clearing". Come in anytime to relieve your tense & stressful life. Your Capt is waiting...


Contact Information


Phone 1: 225-343-9927
Phone 2: 504-473-3672

c/o WHYR Community Radio
1623 Main St
Baton Rouge 70802


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