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Hannah Campbell


Hannah March Campbell was born and raised in Georgia. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2007, where she was the recipient of both artistic and academic scholarships. Her work springs from the sense of magic evoked through drawing and functions like a visual novel or "field guide" to a re-imagined sense of time, space, and political movements in context with biographical narratives. She depicts her animal characters as monstrous hybrids via their infusion with the weight of human situations in both mythological and scientific paradigms. She has shown works in several galleries in Chicago during the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference, Florida, and Tacoma, Washington and participated in exchange portfolios ranging from San Francisco Art Institute to the University of Colorado. She was the recent recipient of a Juror's Award at the 2009 Los Angeles Print Biennial, courtesy of Peter Frank. Hannah is currently working towards her MFA in Printmaking at Louisiana State University with a full teaching assistantship.


  • Visual Arts » Sculpture
  • Visual Arts » Painting
  • Visual Arts » Drawing
  • Visual Arts » Printmaking
  • Visual Arts » Performance Art


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