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Jennifer Carwile


Jennifer Carwile has been an artist since she was old enough to use scissors and glue. She always loved to do art projects and take art classes. She enrolled as a fine art major at the University of Kansas and graduated with a BFA in 1992. Over her four years of study she went through a process of finding her style, starting with realistic paintings for class projects and emerging as an abstract painter emphasizing light, texture, and atmosphere in her paintings and experimenting with media. A month before graduation her mother passed away; and as often happens, life took over, and she stopped painting. After college she spent years teaching and working with inner city youth, and it wasn't until 2004, when she got married, that Jennifer was able to concentrate on painting full time. It was almost like she had to repeat the process that she went through in college- she started painting landscapes, but did not feel like that was genuine for her. It didn't take long for the abstract paintings to emerge from her repertoire. She is still oil painting, but also experiments with mixed media including various chemicals that react with her paint as well as fire and smoke!


Jennifer lives Baton Rouge, where she currently paints at N the Art Space and has work on display at The Foyer, Cajun Lighting Showroom, and Avallon Salon.


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Phone 1: 704-526-8097


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