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The Broken Rubber Band Randall Head


The Broken Rubber Band formed in early 2010, by Cullen Davezac and Carson Ducote. The duo began writing and performing their original music, and knew they had something great to offer. They picked up lead guitarist Randall Head in July 2010, and started playing shows around Baton Rouge. The band went through 3 drummers in the second half of 2010, but have finally found stability with the addition of drummer Chad Byrd. What started as a simple formula of guitars, drums and vocals has been enriched with additions of piano, violin, cello, and trumpet, taking the band's sound to new levels. The Broken Rubber Band combines influences from jazz, blues, and even reggae and hard rock to form a refreshing, original sound. The band members' most notable influences include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Merle Haggard. The band has played at many venues around Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, including Northgate Tavern, Fred's in Tigerland, The Howlin' Wolf, the Varsity Theatre, and more. The band has recorded with various local producers, and even on their own, and is looking to record an EP by the summer. The Broken Rubber Band founded the Baton Rouge Organization of Original Musicians, which is an organization which focuses on promoting and networking original local musicians in Baton Rouge. BROOM has put on large scale events at Fred's in Tigerland and the Varsity Theatre.


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