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Vitalija Svencionyte


My artwork is a visual diary, a Grammar of Feelings, where memories from the past interact with the ideas of the present and dreams of the future. The essence of my artwork is human beings and their interactions with each other. This essence is a concentration of feelings triggered by different personalities, ideas, and situations enriched with a female character and perception. As light streams through a prism and separates into bands of vivid colors with minute gradations, so experiences, real, imagined, borrowed, and vicarious emanate from me and separate into individual paintings, materializing the broad structures and intricacies of the dynamic nexus of my memories, dreams, and fantasies. My choice of media embodies my art philosophy. The materialization of the gesticulating forms begins with the selection of the shape of the canvas. I chose perfect squares and pronounced rectangles. These forms are the first hint of the structures emerging. I work in cycles of layers. With pencil, I trace the basic form. Next, I affix rich, vivid, unmixed colors denoting strong emotions and stirring experiences. Lastly, I further articulate, punctuate the diverse color palette with fine ink work. Using a calligraphy pen, I contour the colors and detail. Fine details play a controversial role in my paintings. They create unity and distinctiveness simultaneously. My artwork articulates an ontology of relationships. The multi-layered canvas, the rich and diverse color palette depicting strong passions and emotions, finely articulated with precision and care, embody my vision of life.


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