Film Grant on the Table, Send Your Support!

 (We got this notice from a friend and thought we’d share!)

One of the first of it's kind Man with a Movie Camera

One of the first of it's kind Man with a Movie Camera

If you have time today, please call or e-mail state Sen. Sharon Weston Broome and ask her to support House Bill 787 called the “LOUISIANA FILMMAKERS GRANT PROGRAM”. With the session winding down, it is important that she hears from you indie film lovers.

If amended, the bill would allow the state’s Film Office to use the fees it collects when it transfers tax credits to production companies to set up a FUND for small film grants.

Right now, these fees are not being used for anything…Let’s ask that they be put to good use!

As proposed, it would be a 50/50 match of funds up to $100,000. This will give area filmmakers the opportunity to double their budgets.

I believe this is a great way to help grow an indigenous film industry, to foster our creative culture, to keep our talented young and independent filmmakers in the state, and to create new job opportunities for local actors, artists and crew working in independent film.

CONTACT: Sharon Weston Broome # 225-342-2040 (Capitol Office), #225-359-9352 (District Office),

Please ask any other filmmakers, actors, crew or friends you know to contact Broome or their district’s senator as well. It takes 5 minutes but could make a big difference in our state.

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