FEMA Fence Obstructs Mural and Popular Art Spot


Ephemeral Gallery, the two-year host of the much celebrated Fall and Spring cross-city invitational art show, will now be obstructed by a massive black chain-link fence that runs within two feet of the entrance. The long-treasured mural by Clark Derbes, that covers the entire facing wall of the building, will disappear behind FEMA semi trucks. After several attempts by the owners, Kathryn Hunter and David Cano, to call on Tara Wicker, the Mayor and other officials with no response to help prevent this intrusion they will be forced to work around the fence and cancel the Fall show.

Ephemeral Gallery also hosted 2009’s Surrealist Ball, REVO, UncommonThread and several other smaller art shows. When exhibit space is so seldom to come by this kind of neglect to work on behalf of art supporters is extremely unfortunate.

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