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Looking @ Art where it lives

By Jennifer Gernon

Among the pieces on show at Looking @ Art are stained glass works by Steve Wilson.

Looking @ Art is kicking off its fall tour this week with an inside look at local artist studios, art collector’s homes, and art venues. The tour will take place over five weeks, every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. beginning Oct. 13 and running through Nov. 10. Registration is $65 at Culture Candy’s website and tickets are transferrable. Culture Candy offers an event calendar for the arts in the city, and artists can add their events to the calendar for free.

The tour is geared towards those interested in learning about how art is made and shown in the city, and for those interested in collecting art. The artists of Looking @ Art work in many types of media, including paint, ceramics, stained glass, photography, installation, and jewelry. Each tour shows different artists, so that participants meet more of the local art community. “It’s a good way to see how art functions,” said Elise Toups, host of Looking @ Art and a painter herself. “If there’s an artist you like, you’ll be in their space, meet them, and see their work.”

For art fans who are not sure where or how to get started with their art collection, Looking @ Art offers plenty of guidance. “It’s an intimate but low-key setting, more laid back than a class but very informative,” said Toups. “You find things you can afford, that little did you know you could afford, and your walls are filled with happiness. I find it an investment in my quality of life. I try to think of it as, that’s only me eating out how many times? And now you have something in your hands for the rest of your life.”

For Toups, knowing where a piece came from, how it was made, and how much time the artist put into creating it makes a huge difference in its appeal. “There’s something beautiful in people creating things when technology provides so many cookie-cutter prints,” Toups said. “You can buy something handmade that someone put an extreme amount of time into, or you can buy something mass-produced, with no imprint of the artist’s hand behind it, and pay the same price.”

Looking @ Art usually makes two stops per evening, this week featuring a retrospective of Bob Hausey, the late LSU painting professor, and a stop at Scott Finch’s studio, whose latest work was recently shown in the Baton Rouge Gallery. The tour will also show work by Hannah Lane Romero and Michelle Conques at the Vanguard Gallery, stained glass by Steve Wilson, jewelry by Madeline Ellis, work by John Guillory, William G. Osborne III, and the private collection of Tom Livesay and Amanda Haralson. The last night of the tour will feature a studio walk through of graduate students Brooke Cassady, Kit French, Kelly Tate, and Adrienne Lynch. “For some artists, it’s a very private space, and it’s an honor to go there,” said Toups.

If those interested in Looking @ Art cannot make it today, the registration fee can be pro-rated and they can attend the next class. Looking @ Art will continue to take registrations until the class is full. Sign up at culturecandy.org, or e-mail Elise Toups directly at etoups@gmail.com.

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