Website Upgrades (Version 3)

CultureCandy is excited to announce a little gift to you for the holidays in the form of some major upgrades and revisions to our website!

Here’s what’s new and improved in Version 3:

Improved calendar event functionality

  • Edit  events you’ve created
  • More easily manage multiple dates and times for your events
  • Add an image to an event
  • Event categories: you can now assign an event to categories which users can browse to more easily find events that interest them.
  • To use these new features, just go add an event to our calendar!

User Accounts

  • You can now sign up for a user account locally through the website or with a connected account through third party websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • User accounts give you the ability to edit all your information on CultureCandy including:
    • Events you’ve added
    • Your artist profile

Personal Calendar

  • If you sign up for a user account you can save events of interest to you  to your personal calendar. You access this calendar via the website or your favorite calendar application that supports iCal (most do) including your mobile device.
  • To get started using this new feature, just go sign up for a user account and click the star located next to each event to add it to your calendar.

Artists Network

  • One of the main goals of these website upgrades was to make the site do a better job of featuring the great artists that live and work in and around Baton Rogue. We’ve revamped our artists profile listings into a section called the Artists Network that will be getting even more features in the coming months. Most immediately, though, you can add an image gallery to your profile.
  • To create a new profile or update the one you already have on the site, sign up for a user account then proceed to the Artists Network.

Layout and style changes

  • We’ve tweaked the layout and styles of the site to make them more friendly across a wider range of devices and browsers.

So there you go! We hope that these updates will make using the site, especially the calendar, easier, as well as make it a more useful tool to the community. So feel free to jump in by creating an account, adding a new event, adding events to your personal calendar, or creating/updating an artist profile in the Artist Network.

If you run into any problems feel free to submit an issue and feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions or comments.


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