Our Programs

CultureCandy has an online presence which, as of this moment, you are acquainted with. The organization also has an offline function that manifests in a variety of programs and outreach projects. Everything with CultureCandy's mark has expectations of a measurable impact on our ability to support and provide resources for artists and the community of Baton Rouge. More specifically our endeavors are defined by three factors:

  1. They are partner-driven, utilizing culturally significant components of our artistic community.
  2. They engage both the artist and the community in a level of meaningful communication.
  3. They increase access to cultural resources.

When we find a way to make one or more of those three things happen, we look for money, people and opportunity, promote the heck out of it and hope for the best. We're always taking in ideas for programs or suggestions on how to make existing ones better. Peruse our suite of happenings: Sweet Tooth, UncommonThread, and Looking at Art as well as less intensive projects we support and manage.

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