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4484 streetview (Media)

corner of Lafayette and Main
Baton Rougee LA 70806


StreetView is a locationally specific project that will take place on Main Street in Baton Rouge. By using a projection of Wall Street coupled with real time activity of the global markets, we will project questions and comments about our countries current financial crisis using laser grafiti. These questions and comments will be gathered by promoting the event from the project‘s web site, as well as from other social media sources (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Participants will also be encouraged to text their thoughts to the StreetView phone, or be present at the event. By using these technologies to cast a wide net for potential participants, we hope to give voice to some of the thoughts, questions and fears that the current financial crisis has created, but that has been largely ignored by the mainstream press. These comments will be compiled on the 4484 StreetView blog and emailed to the members of Congress.
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