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Angela King Gallery (Gallery)

241 Royal Street
New Orleans LA 70130


World-renowned artist Peter Max brings his latest gallery exhibit to Angela King Gallery, New Orleans, LA making a special appearance Saturday evening November 1, 2008. Artwork is available for acquisition and open to the public. Maxs latest body of work Then and Now features over 100 pieces of Maxs art, including original paintings, drawings. The exhibition begins with his colorful cosmic-Zen imagery which became the signature look of the 60s Flower Power era, and goes on to the idealized mythology of characters expressive of the zeitgeist of the70s, such as Zero Megalopolis, Neo Man, the Umbrella Man, the Sage, the Zen boat, and Blushing Beauty. The exhibit continues to the brilliant, multi-colored brush work in the paintings of the late 80s and 90s including his Pop images of the American Flag and Lady Liberty. The show combines the paintings of Then and Now in a union of the vintage and the contemporary from a fresh 2008 perspective.
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