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Gonzales Committee on Cultural Affairs (Cultural Center)

P. O. Box 1393
Gonzales LA 70707


The Gonzales Committee on Cultural Affairs (GCCA) is a subcommittee of the Gonzales Tourist Commission. It is supported by the infrastructure of the City of Gonzales for the purpose of enhancing the lives and environment of the citizens Gonzales and surrounding communities. Purpose: The GCCA promotes the City of Gonzales internationally. This includes festivals, schools, churches, art associations, businesses, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other institutions which make up the culture of the city. This effort of “promotion” enhances our lives by bringing the young and the old in touch with people and places far away in an attempt to broaden their perspective of life, themselves, and their view of the world around them. We want Gonzales to grow and prosper. We are helping accomplish this by adding quality to the lives of people in the Gonzales area; thereby attracting more fresh and successful to our area. Organization: The Committee is composed of a group of private citizens, and annually elects a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and other chairmen responsible for certain events and responsibilities such as publicity, trips, etc. The group meets every month and keeps accurate financial records and minutes of meetings.
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