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National Hansens Disease Museum (Museums)

5445 Point Clair Road, Building 12
Gillis W. Long Center
Carville LA 70721


The National Hansen’s Disease Museum stands as a monument to those who battled Hansen’s Disease (leprosy)—researchers and health care professionals, as well as those who suffered from the affliction. Out of this unique, isolated community—part hospital, part prison—came hope for the entire world. The story begins over a century ago on an abandoned sugar plantation. Occupying a building that served as the hospital staff dining hall, the museum educates visitors not only about the once-demonized illness, but also provides a window into the lives of the patients, doctors and nurses who lived, worked and made medical history here. Patients, many quarantined for life, left behind photos, memorabilia, and their stories. The Carville Historic District was once the only leprosarium on the continental U.S. There a group of outcast patients, caring nuns, and dedicated doctors created a refuge for leprosy patients from all over the world. Located 20 miles south of Baton Rouge, off River Road, on the east bank of the Mississippi River.
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