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Saint Margaret's Farmer's Market (Community Improvement Organization)

Contact: Art Copes

12665 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge LA 70810


St. Margaret's Church is an ideal location for serving the outer Baton Rouge neighborhoods surrounding Seigen Lane. This grass roots start up is promoting holistic and natural health and wellness lifestyles as well as original arts and grafts, dance, yoga, massage and more. Each month there will be themes to improve your sustainability as well as educate you and your family on the "slow food " movement. If you have a service or product you would like to share, booth fees are only $15. and all proceeds go to the church and all sales all go to the vendor. The Grand Opening will be September 17th. June's theme is eat local, drive less ,think ahead to July when you want basil and pesto from your own back porch. Be looking at what you could do to improve your health in this dangerously hot season.
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